Her Soul to Take by Harley Laroux

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Her Soul to Take by Harley Laroux

Rating : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Please check the Author’s CW before checking this title out.

She was meant to be a sacrifice, but the closer he got to her he knew that she was to be his, but her soul had to be given willingly.

Rae’s was always drawn to the dark and supernatural, it gave her some sense of comfort even as the childhood home she knew felt much more sinister. Leon raises all sorts of alarms, but something about him tugs at a thread buried deep within her, whispering all her darkest desires whenever he’s close. She should be afraid of him, but she knows that he would do anything to have her, to possess her and her very soul might be is to take.

This popped up on my radar a few months ago, the idea of a demon romance with Buffy-esque vibes as many reviewers mentioned grabbed my attention. Buffy is one of my favorite series of all time after all. While I will agree that there are some elements at play this is much darker and grittier than Buffy and I honestly appreciate it. It’s not for the squeamish either though it isn’t too terrible, just intense so please check the trigger warnings before you go into this one.

The banter between Rae and Leon was amazing and there was a good amount of bisexual rep in here too, Rae for one being bisexual and Leon since demons are above the bounds of sexuality. I will say that the way that Rae is drawn to Leon and how he does kind of stoke the fires of her darkest desires kind of translates to the reader. You’re allowed to play in the deep waters without getting too dirty, letting your mind wrap around the scenes.

Along with the chemistry and the spice, the plot was pretty great. I thought it was clever how this was written in such a way that I assume all of the stories rest neatly on top of each other over one major plot-line. That said I can’t wait to read the next book though I might need to take a small breather before I do.

Also, Harley Laroux, thank you for not feeding into the cliche horror trope concerning pets. For any of y’all who are sensitive like me and hate to see animals injured in any form of media. The cat survives! You can breathe easily.

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