Spoiler Alert by Olivia Dade

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Spoiler Alert by Olivia Dade

Rating : ★ ★ ★

April is done with hiding, she’s ready to show the world who she is and her love of writing fanfic for Gods of the Gates. When she posts a selfie of her newest Lavinia cosplay on twitter. There’s a lot of positive feedback but also some very nasty comments to which Marcus Caster-Rupp, the actor that plays one part of her favorite OTP on the show, responds directly and asks her out.

Marcus is leading a double life. He’s fine-tuned his acting career into being dim and image obsessed, but the real Marcus is anything but. He’s intelligent and passionate about his work, especially to do with Gods of the Gates which has spoiled the source material forcing Marcus to write his own fanfics. When he realizes the woman he asked out on twitter is his beta reader and close friend, Unapologetic Lavinia Stan he wants to try and keep April close to show her who he really is, but his secret persona coming to light, the real Marcus could ruin his career.

Like other reviews this is very clearly a jab at Game of Thrones which I thought was pretty funny. Marcus Caster-Rupp is also clearly Nikolaj Coster-Waldau which I approve of completely. Plus the Gods of the Gates has a heavy Greek mythology influence which is right up my alley.

This was just a lukewarm read for me so let’s go through the pros before I start tackling the cons.

April is a very confident plus sized heroine and while that is a large plot of the plot especially dealing with past wounds, it isn’t put forth in a way to turn her into a caricature of “Fat girl finding love”, if that makes any sense. Also, Marcus is a total cinnamon roll and he’s not alpha at all, which was kind of refreshing to read. He’s just a very living and considerate partner. I think the relationship did develop in a way that was realistic or as realistic as it can be suddenly dating a celebrity.

Now, the cons or con. While this is a full length novel with a lot of content, I feel there wasn’t a lot that happened. The focus is on the relationship when they get together and it kind of stretches over most of the book. There isn’t a ton of growth for either of the characters until the last 15-20% of the book. It really felt like a long falling in love montage and the miscommunication trope in the beginning of the book was frustrating. I understand the feeling, but it felt forced and like a complete 180 from April’s character.

I feel like the subplot of someone leaking the scripts and the final season could have been bumped up a little. They could have taken advantage of Marcus and April’s relationship for publicity and caused a little more conflict, something that would really test a relationship on top of both Marcus and April’s issues with their parents. That’s just my opinion.

Still, if you want a body positive friends to lovers story with a little bit of a hidden identity that rips Game of Thrones a new one. You’ll enjoy this. It was sweet and steamy easy read.

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