My Fake Rake by Eva Leigh

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My Fake Rake by Eva Leigh

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Lady Grace is in need of a husband, it is her ailing father’s wish to see her settled and Grace has her sights on one man, but he only sees her as a colleague and not as a potential bride.

Sebastian is in love with Grace, but without money or title he feels he isn’t her equal so he holds on to their shared love of scholarly pursuits hoping for a smile. Until she agrees to his proposal to help her catch the eye of her obsession, but when Grace puts Sebastian up for the rake to turn society’s heads so they finally take notice of her he realizes he cannot lose her.

This gave me series Duke and I vibes, but it kind of fell flat in a few areas. I’ve realized with my experience with having men feeling they’re friendzoned with me, the whole friends to lovers where the man is hopelessly in love with the woman kind of gives me bad memories. I also feel that I didn’t really get a lot of Grace or Sebastian’s personalities other than the quirks of being nerdy. Sebastian’s interests lie in anthropology while Grace is herpetology. Sebastian did have anxiety and it seems like Grace had bad self esteem and felt unworthy, which I do kind of relate to in heroines, I never felt like the protagonist in my own story so it’s easy for me to slip into that with these historicals especially with heroines with low self esteem because, same, girl, same.

I guess my issues with this particular story really start with the lack of real personality other than that on paper, well literally on paper because, book and the lack of social season. The Duke and I works because we do get to see Daphne out in society while Grace has her eyes trained on one man.

Sebastian gets the biggest glow up, literally a “totally hot when I remove my glasses” move with some new confidence while on the other hand Grace doesn’t have much character development over the course of the book and I feel like she was kind of taking a backseat to Sebastian.

It’s hard to say if my issues really stem from the writing, the characters or the story, but it didn’t feel memorable.

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