Chasing Lucky by Jenn Bennett

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Chasing Lucky by Jenn Bennett

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There’s a love curse on the Saint-Martin family and Josie has spend last of her life with her single mother running from it. Now, back in Beauty, her small New England hometown she is facing it head on. With hopes of her own escape, working with her famous Photog father feeling like she will finally be able to put down roots, her stay in Beauty comes with an expiration date. That is, until her dreams are dashed by the family that runs the town and she is put face to face with the boy that she left in Beauty when her mother ran away five years before. Now, Lucky is sporting a bad boy attitude including motorcycle, leather jacket and a small black cat tattooed on his hand.

With all the rumors that swirl around the small town surrounding both the women of the Saint-Martin family and Lucky himself, Josie must face the family love curse and see if she has any hope of breaking it.

There is just something about Jenn Bennett books that make me so happy. This is rivaling my favorite of hers so far, Alex, Approximately just because the mix of tropes flipped and written to perfection.

The disfunction with the Saint-Martin family, especially the two generations of mother-daughter dynamic really hit close to home for me, mostly because a family with mostly daughters tends to end up with a healthy dose of drama and I am the daughter of the black sheep in our family, a second generation black sheep if you would so I was relating heavily, not so much on the jumping from place to place, but not feeling like you’re connected to the extended family.

Anyway, that aside, the relationship between Josie and Lucky was perfection. Lucky was written as a bad boy, at first, but you can tell it’s because of this image that he’s built up based on past trauma and pain. Their dynamic was really sweet.

Jenn Bennett is pretty much one of those auto-buy/auto-read authors for me. Her books are YA, but mature and thoughtful. They tend to hit home more than not and they show sex in a positive and honest light.

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