Wrapped Up in You by Talia Hibbert

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Wrapped Up in You by Talia Hibbert

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Will has it all planned out. He’ll set up an amazing Christmas and subtly hint to Abbie, his best friend’s sister, that he’s interested and over the next year he will try to make her fall in love with her.

To Abbie, Will isn’t just the “Sexiest Man Alive” there’s a secret side to him stripped away from his Hollywood façade, but to Abbie this side shines much brighter. Even though she’s been in love with Will since they were younger, that’s all she can be and being stuck with him during a blizzard is making it hard to keep her feelings and the man in question at arm’s length.

Picture this, gentle reader, me sitting and working on a graphic design project when my phone buzzes and I get the Goodreads alert that one of my followed authors has released a book and said author is Talia Hibbert! I finished my project like a good girl, but then jumped into action and tracked down her latest release AND devoured it the same night in one sitting.

First off I will say that if you’re picking up Wrapped Up in You for the signature Talia Hibbert steamy scenes, you might be a little disappointed. The sexual tension is through the roof and the characters are both amazing, but there aren’t many smutty scenes. There is one to be exact.

This isn’t a problem at all because let me tell you, the characters are so amazing. Will Reid is a cinnamon roll! He is so soft and adorable. He has that cocky personality that you’d expect from a movie star voted Sexiest Man Alive, but he is also awkward, he thinks too much and he rambles when he’s nervous. We must protect him.

Then there’s our Abbie girl who is still getting over the trauma of an emotionally abusive ex-husband and the feeling of worthlessness after a divorce. She still has the swagger that most of Talia Hibbert’s heroines have, but her inner monologue is very guarded and vulnerable. I really related to her fears and feelings in a big way. I won’t go too deep into it because this is a novella, but still. I cried. It was amazing and beautiful how these two characters found each other.

This is a Kobo exclusive so don’t run to Amazon like I did in spite of Goodreads saying it’s on Amazon, it isn’t. It’s only 1.99 USD on Kobo so I jumped at that and made an account JUST for this novella. I would recommend this to any Talia Hibbert fan. It was adorable!

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