Mating the Huntress by Talia Hibbert

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Mating the Huntress by Talia Hibbert

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When she was a born it was foretold that Chastity’s first kill would rip her heart out. Coming from a family of huntresses that are built for hunting and slaying werewolves, the prophecy has kept Chastity from her destiny. When her sister Victory wears her hoodie out on a hunt and a werewolf takes a chunk out of the red fabric, Chasity is waiting for the werewolf to come looking for her hoping to kill him and become the huntress she wants to be.

Ever since Luke smelled her scent on the red hoodie he knew he had found his mate, but wooing and claiming her is going to be a bit difficult seeing how she and her family kills his kind. The two have undeniable primal chemistry, but is the clash of biting wit enough to keep Chastity from reaching her destiny and allow her to see that they are destined for each other.

I read the sample chapter then bought the novella immediately. It was a slam dunk either way because we’re talking about the absolute GODDESS that is Talia Hibbert. I seriously want to devour her entire backlist at this point and I think I might work on that soon.

As someone who loves paranormal romance, even though I have been struggling against this realization after having years of people mocking me for writing in the genre, I’m giving in. I need more. I need more from you, Talia. Please tell me that #1 means you’re writing more because this makes my Buffy heart happy.

Chastity is everything you want in your heroine. Strong, smart and sassy. Luke is sarcastic, sweet with the right amount of alpha. Seriously, the chemistry between the two is palpable and delicious. I seriously read this entire novella in one sitting I couldn’t put it down.

If you’re a Talia Hibbert fan wanting to dip your toes into Paranormal Romance, from my limited experience this might spoil you for all other stories as I am going to be holding every other paranormal fantasy that I read to the standards set here. It’s fun, action packed and witty. It really did remind me of Buffy and reading Talia’s comments in the back that she was a Buffy and Xena fan caused everything to snap into place for me. It is perfect.

I’m trying so hard to articulate how much I adored this, but my brain is still fangirling.

Rebel Note : Doesn’t the guy in the photo look a bit like Brendon Urie? No? I’m just imagining it? Okay.

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