Do You Want to Start a Scandal by Tessa Dare

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Do You Want to Start a Scandal by Tessa Dare

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When Charlotte went to confront Piers Brandon in the library she never imagined she’d leave with an understanding. It was the couple that followed and engaged in the act while Piers and Charlotte hid in the window seating. Their throws of passion mistaken for Charlotte’s and now to save face and the prospect of taking The Grand Tour with her best friend she has to find the real couple and clear her name.

There’s one problem, Piers isn’t backing down. From the moment he clutched her in a near illicit embrace he couldn’t get her out of his mind but Charlotte doesn’t want a loveless marriage. Piers has secrets he wishes to take to his grave but Charlotte’s innocently prodding nature leaves him laid bare before her in more ways than one, could he also be willing to part with his heart as well?

This is my second Spindle Cove title from Tessa dare. I read the free e-book she offered last Christmas, if I remember correctly and really enjoyed it. Since I’ve read Girl Meets Duke series in near entirety and I know she’s an amazing writer. I was still rather floored how she was able to make me enjoy a historical with a bit of a mystery tied in. I’m not much for mysteries I just like straight romance, but this was an amazing journey.

The story reminds me a little of one of my favorite movies, Mr. Right with Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick, but it was toned down a bit. It’s got the same tone, a girl who isn’t traditionally accepted by society, a little quirky and a guy with a dark past finding each other. It’s a real couple that goes against society’s ideals and it’s the same in this.

Charlotte has been made ridiculous by her mother who wants an advantageous marriage, the ridiculousness akin to Pride and Prejudice, which is mentioned in this book, nicely done. But the deeper ideal behind the ridiculousness in the time, a mother wanting her daughter to survive and do well isn’t that ridiculous at all. The methods were a bit off, of course, but still everyone wants better for their children. I’m projecting a bit here because I don’t like the idea of perfect unions tied up with a bow, I believe the characters that are hardest on themselves deserve love especially one who feels he harbors such darkness within him as Piers.

Like every other Tessa Dare novel I’ve read the characters leap out of the page with their personality and the tongue in cheek humor and deliciously steamy scenes sets her writing apart from the other offerings. I like how human the characters are and modern even with the historical setting, it makes it all more relatable without having to sift through the meaning like a Jane Austen novel, not that I have anything against the goddess, but it does make it more accessible without needing to know the meaning.

I’ll always recommend Tessa Dare to anyone, romance reader or not, historical fan or newbie because they are so enjoyable and you can easily get hooked in this world.

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