Lingus by Mariana Zapata

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Lingus by Mariana Zapata

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When Kat’s friend roped her into going to an adult movie convention with her she didn’t know that she’d meet the handsome Tristan that could make her laugh so hard she snorted. Little did she know this stunning and silly man was there as a performer under the stage name Robby Lingus. It’s clear that there was a connection, but when Tristan mentions that he doesn’t have girlfriends, mostly because of his career choice, Kat tries to accept it. She’d rather have Tristan in her life however she can get him, but then something changes.

I just wanted to address the common criticisms of this book. Kat and the girls are fairly negative towards the women in the industry and the women attending the conventions. You’d think they’d be more accepting of the crowd they’re undoubtedly a part of especially with a friend who is also in the business. This did leave a sour taste in my mouth and I think it wasn’t right especially with the later developments.

That said this was funny, cute and pretty slow burn as far as romance books go especially a romance novel centering on the relationship between a girl and a porn star. Kat and her friends were fairly relatable and probably the group of female friends I’d love to hang out with. Tristan was amazing and it was clear that he had feelings for her early.

Honestly the whole book felt genuine even though it was fairly outlandish, I mean, meeting and dating a porn star? Yeah, okay. Still, I really enjoyed the banter and the cute moments. I thoroughly enjoyed the slow burn relationship because it made everything seem more authentic. Did I mention how great Tristan was?

I’m going to be checking out Mariana Zapata books going forward even though long romance books kinda intimidate me, well long books in general.

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