Vicious by L. J. Shen

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Vicious by L. J. Shen

Rating : ★ ★ ★ ★

To Baron “Vicious” Spencer, Emilia was the daughter of “The Help” and that’s what he refereed to her to as. He made the senior year of high school hell for her and he hasn’t changed much the night he walked into her bar. He came with a proposal, her as his personal assistant while he dealt with a few things. She couldn’t say no. For as much as she hated him, his gaze set her on fire. They were both tip toeing that fine line between love an hate, ready to fall.

I’d say this is maybe a 3.5 for me, not a full 4. Vicious wasn’t as much of an asshole as I thought he’d be, as weird as that statement is. I had read Punk 57 a couple days ago and compared to Vicious, Misha was worse and I liked him better. It’s kind of crazy because almost everything about him, including a little bit of his family life, would make him the perfect asshole anti-hero. He’s so similar to Logan Ecchols from Veronica Mars (My OG Asshole Crush), but he lacks Logan’s swagger and quips. I guess that’s what I was really missing from the equation.

The steamy scenes were alright, but they were few and far between. All talk and no action, which was kind of a let down. I did like how Emilia gave as well as she took. That’s why it all worked, he wanted what he wouldn’t allow himself to have and the same went for her. They both bullied the other in their own ways and the balance of power wasn’t always completely skewed. Emilia always had her own agency and could walk away whenever she wanted, she was strong as hell.

Still wasn’t completely bad. I’m going to check out who the next book in the series is about then see if I want to continue. I’m on the fence at this point, but at least it’s another book off of my TBR.

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