Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas

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Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas

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Ryen and Misha have been pen pals for 7 years keeping to the rule of not searching for the other on social media, no phone numbers and no exchanging pictures. Then Misha overhears a girl named Ryen at his band’s fundraiser and he sees her and the dorky girl he had been writing to is anything but.

After a tragedy Misha finds himself in Ryen’s town, but he’s not there for her even though they keep finding each other. She still doesn’t know he’s the boy she’s been writing to all these years and now he’s going by a new name. Wrestling with the realization that the girl he’s bared his soul to is different, shallow, he can’t help but bite back but he also can’t stay away from her and she seems to need him like air.

I don’t know why it took me this long to actually read a Penelope Douglas novel. I was a little intimidated since she writes some pretty controversial stuff, but I really enjoyed the writing and the characters. Everyone has so much depth and nothing is as it seems. These people feel real and the chemistry is palpable.

Not gonna lie, I really liked Misha with his tattoos and lip ring. That might have been what sold me and Ryen has a lot of depth even though she’s fighting so hard to hide who she really is from everyone. The little twist that involved the title of the book made me smile, I had suspected it and was happy that it was true.

It’s a very real thing to change who you are at that age to appease everyone else and seeing how Ryen was so deep that she couldn’t find her way out without Misha challenging her in that fashion. Misha didn’t give a fuck and for good reason, but Ryen pulled him out of the darkness as well.

It was a great messy romance, raw and steamy. I can’t wait to read her other books just to see how far things go. I’m intrigued.

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