Storm by Carian Cole

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Storm by Carian Cole

Rating : ★ ★

When Evelyn’s GPS failed her and she loses control of her car stranding her in a blizzard, the sexy tattooed stranger saves her until they’re both stranded, in his truck. Those two days in the blizzard close to Storm changes her life, little did she know she was stuck with the guitarist for a popular rock band! Storm chases after Evelyn, but she doesn’t know if she can really let go of her old life to make a new one with him.

Girl wrecks car. Boy saves girl, deer comes and makes boy wreck HIS car. Boy and girl are stranded together in a snow storm where they have to cuddle. Girl is super judgey about Boy’s tattoos and slut shames him and the girls he sleeps with. Etc. Oh. She also cheats on her boyfriend, but to Storm no penetration = no cheating.

The steamy scenes were amazing and Storm wasn’t that horrible of a person. He loved animals, we got the tale of him rescuing his dog and he’s pretty hot with his tattoos, long hair and eyeliner rimmed green eyes. Then there’s the rest of the book.

Like I mentioned, they’re fighting in the car then basically dry hump, but it’s not cheating. Then Evelyn’s boyfriend is painted as a horrible person, giving her a cheap GPS instead of driving her a mile to her business seminar/meeting, ditching her while she was stranded leaving her 18 year old deaf kitty alone with just “a bunch of food and water” … Dickhead. Oh and he ended up cheating on her for years. Does that really erase the cheating on Evelyn’s side? Not really.

Oh and also when she and Storm finally do get together it feels like they have a rough time as well. I get the whole realistic relationship, but this is a guy that she cheated on her boyfriend with and ultimately left him for. Sure, he helped her with her panic attacks and supports her, but still it felt off.

That and Evelyn slut shamed and basically wanted to murder any chick that came close to Storm. I had to double check when this was written because I thought we were over this. Most romance novels I read are respectful of the more players, their lives are healthy and they take precautions so it’s very sex positive, but this was ROUGH. She called slut whenever she saw a girl and didn’t really blink when he suggested they lose the protection, it is mentioned that he’s clean but there’s some clear double standards here. She’s only concerned for a moment before going “Oh okay.”

Yeah, this is more of my rant filled reviews but I was honestly disappointed. Things were handled poorly. There was a non conflict so the story resolution felt stale. Storm was hot at least. So there’s that, right?

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