The Governess Game by Tessa Dare

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The Governess Game by Tessa Dare

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After literally colliding with Chase Reynaud at the bookstore when she only knew his poor choices in children’s literature, Alexandra finds herself the governess of his two young charges. It was impossible to get the image of him out of her head, but not nearly as impossible as it is to teach the two young ladies who are more interested in making her life miserable and thinking up new ailments for their doll.

Chase Reynaud is the heir to a dukedom, but doesn’t want to sully the good name with attachments when he feels that nothing good will come of them. He hides his guilt by entertaining the ladies of London and sending them on their way, but for some reason, he cannot send Alexandra away. It’s improper for him to want her so badly, but the strong willed governess seems to be teaching him a thing or two.

Tessa Dare is a goddess. This was beautifully written and extremely entertaining. If you’re looking to get into romance novels, especially ones with a good amount of smut, look no further.

I adored Alexandra as a heroine and the two girls. Just everything about this story was perfection, especially Chase who is a rakish as he can get, but you still feel for him and want him to have his happy ending. Sometimes the love interests are too grumpy to the point where you’re like, what is the point? Chase is different, all of his fears are selfless, he’s not keeping himself from attachment for his freedom, but out of pain and guilt. He longs for companionship, but feels he cannot allow himself that happiness.

The two have the perfect chemistry, the right amount of push and pull. Alexandra is quite virginal, but not so much that she wouldn’t take charge in certain situations which I really like. Women aren’t that chaste.

Another great book from Tessa Dare and the perfect book for my 300th on Goodreads. (Probably not my 300th read in total, but a still milestone).

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