Shielded by KayLynn Flanders

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Shielded by KayLynn Flanders

Rating : ★ ★ ★

Thanks to NetGalley and Delacorte Press for providing this eARC in exchange for an honest review.

Jennesara is a warrior princess through and through, she’s grown familiar with the ways of combat but keeps a secret. The white streak in her hair that she keeps hidden within her braid means that she has magic, something that is unheard of for the second born royal.

The day before her birthday she finds out her father has arranged a marriage between her and the prince of a neighboring country and everything changes. On the road to meet with her betrothed she learns more about her kingdom and her powers than she had ever expected and now she might be the only one to save her family and the kingdom.

This was one of those middle of the road books for me. The world building was great, the characters were pretty likable and I did genuinely care about what was going on, but something fell flat. I’m not sure if it’s because the plot kept me wanting more, like there was this one component that was missing. It had potential and I think if it had taken a few more risks it would’ve been better.

I felt like the book dragged at times, like we were stretching out the plot, but the action sequences were fast paced and enjoyable. Like I said, there was a lot of potential there, but I felt like it took advantage of a lot of common YA fantasy tropes without doing much to switch them up and make them unique. I did just after reading this stumble upon a manga with a similar premise that after one volume has already done it better.

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