Maybe This Time by Kasie West

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Maybe This Time by Kasie West

Rating : ★ ★ ★

Sophie is a small town girl dreaming of becoming a fashion designer in New York, but for now she’s stuck working with the local florist. When she meets Andrew Hart, the son of a celebrity chef, she sees the big city dreams staring back at her and judging her small town ways. The two clash, but perhaps the tension means something else. Told over a year including 9 events that the two attend, can Andrew and Sophie figure things out before they walk out of each others lives forever?

Swing and a miss. Andrew’s charm and flirtatious personality is met with Sophie’s prejudice and all around bad mood. From the first moment they meet she wants to bite his head off at every turn, the interactions dotted with moments where the two find some common ground and end up being something like friends, but then she’s back snapping at him again and everyone around her.

I get the whole, small town girl with big city dreams trope, but this was on steroids. That and the way she treated her mother, who was a little embarrassing at times, but still the story was hard to read. Are we seeing her mothers as incompetent or is it through the lenses of a judgmental Sophie who almost idolizes her absent father because he “got out and followed his dreams”.

It does make sense in some strange way, but it still doesn’t do the character any favors.

The overarching plot was almost non-existent flitting from event to event until we’re left at New Year’s Eve for things to wrap up. I liked the other Kasie West books, but if anything after this I might take a break and try another author.

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