Getting Schooled by Emma Chase

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Getting Schooled by Emma Chase

Rating : ★ ★ ★ ★

Callie Carpenter just landed her dream job and with that she’s a hop skip and a jump away from owning her dream apartment, until a fairly humorous car accident lands her back in New Jersey and babysitting her free spirited parents. With her life back in California on hold, she takes a job at her old high school as the drama teacher and finds herself right back in Garrett Daniels’ orbit. He was her first everything and seeing him again makes her feel like she’s a high school student, not a teacher.

Garrett and Callie have been here once before lost in each other in those same halls, but maybe the second time is a charm?

Getting Schooled was a very steamy and light-hearted romp. I don’t always like a second chance romance because generally the trope is a bit problematic. The guy/girl did something horrible and time is supposed to heal all wounds. Callie and Garrett didn’t have such issues, it was all distance.

Garrett was clearly quite the bachelor when we start the book, but not a full on player. He’s cocky and rules the roost as the High School English Teacher and Football Coach, but it’s something he’s always wanted. It’s also clear that his hesitance to settle down comes down to Callie. He’s still hung up on her.

The two rediscover themselves and realize they fit together. It might’ve happened a little quickly, but it made sense and it felt natural. I also liked that the drama that causes the couple to falter a little, because you have to have some drama, isn’t world shattering.

That’s what I love about the Emma Chase books I’ve read so far. Things work out naturally and the relationship isn’t ripped to pieces for drama’s sake. Love does win out the day, but not at the expense of one of the main character’s self worth.

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