Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

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Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

Rating : ★ ★ ★ ★

After being abducted by aliens and the same said aliens end up ditching her and the other abducted girls on an uninhabitable ice planet, Georgie takes charges and goes to find help but instead finds Vektal. Sure he’s massive and looks more like a demon than the little green aliens that captured her, but he seems to want to protect her for what it’s worth so stringing him along to get his help with the other kidnapped girls doesn’t seem so bad until she starts liking the big guy too.

I forget if I saw it on Goodreads or on twitter, but someone posted about this book then added a picture of the Draenei from World of Warcraft and I can’t unsee it.

Anyway, for someone who is afraid of aliens and alien abduction, somehow I ended up reading this. More surprising is that I really liked it. It gave me Fae’s Captive vibes, another series that I enjoyed that was kind of a another land/another planet type story.

Georgie is fairly strong willed, not much the damsel in distress other than being out of her element on an ice planet that is likely going to slowly kill her if something doesn’t change. Then Vektal believes that Georgie is his mate, but he’s super respectful. If you’re worried about this being a book with a hulking alpha male throwing around “my mate, I must claim her” well, it is, but he doesn’t. Everything is consensual and soon enough Georgie is really down with the Draenei, if you know what I mean. He was pretty sweet.

The language barrier was also a really cute touch and how Vektal being portrayed as a barbarian, but the chapters from his perspective weren’t really caveman-esque. He was more intelligent than I thought he would be.

I really enjoyed how Ruby Dixon really set up the future stories for the series, they’re pretty quick reads so I think I might continue on. It is what it is. A steamy romp without a ton of plot, but one might develop over the series, time will tell.

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