The Distance Between Us by Kasie West

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The Distance Between Us by Kasie West

Rating : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Xander Spence is the type of boy Caymen’s mother warned her about with stories of her rich yet dead beat dad, but the doting boy before her doesn’t seem like the type to run. While she’s feeling like she’s stuck running her mother’s doll store, a passion she doesn’t share, Xander has a similar family obligation. The two quickly find a common ground and Caymen’s beginning to realize they aren’t to different after all and money might not make people the enemy.

So, this is my first five star Kasie West book and it’s not just because the love interest has the same name as my cat. That was kind of funny to be honest, but Xander was such a good guy he did the name justice.

Similarly to how I described The Fill-In Boyfriend as a 90’s teen drama/rom-com. This has a very strong Gilmore Girls vibe to it which I enjoyed completely. Controversial opinion coming, Jess should be with Rory and Logan was horrible for her.

The opposite is true here, there isn’t a Jess character, but by some stretch of the imagination the rocker guy might be a little Jess-like and Xander is NOT Logan. Xander is swoon-worthy and sweet and attentive, pretty much everything you’d want in a love interest. He’s really good for Caymen from day one.

Caymen is funny and VERY sarcastic which made the story feel that much more Gilmore Girls. She isn’t super bookish like Rory is, but she is smart. She wants to go to school to study something science related, potentially forensic science which I think is pretty cool.

Oh! One thing I want to note is that Skye makes an appearance from On The Fence, she wasn’t really friends with Charlie, but they worked in the same strip mall type area, maybe an outdoor mall. Caymen’s doll store is in the same area and Skye is her best friend. I thought that was pretty cool.

I’m really glad I kept going. I think that By Your Side was just a fluke and I really do enjoy Kasie West’s writing a lot. I want to get more of her books because they’re super quick to read and really enjoyable. Very teen drama without angst overkill and deal with serious enough issues without making the entire story too heavy if that makes any sense.

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