The Fill-in Boyfriend by Kasie West

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The Fill-in Boyfriend by Kasie West

Rating : ★ ★ ★ ★

Usually I write something that sums up the plot of the book without being spoilery at all but also enticing people to read it, but seeing how the entire plot and what might have been considered a bit of a twist was in the Goodreads description. I’ll lay it out for you.

Shallow girl gets dumped by lukewarm boyfriend and convinces a textbook geek to take her to prom to save face and lie to her shallow friends. Over the course of the book she becomes self aware and strives to be a better person and befriends a goth/rocker chick.

That’s it. That’s the book. Was it enjoyable? Yes. In the same way that you’d sit down and watch any late 90’s and early 00’s teen rom-com that stars Rachel Leigh Cook. She’s All That IS all that. You can’t change my mind.

Gia is the stereotypical Cher Horowitz type and achieves the same amount of growth over the book and finds something real with Hayden the fairly stereotypical geeky drama kid who loves Doctor Who and Firefly.

I get that you’re reading thing thinking, yeah pass, why did you read this? Well, I want a guy like that. I’m not a Gia. I’m a female Hayden. I really like the whole transformation and the message behind the book. Social media validation and shallow friendships do nothing for you. I agree completely.

After By Your Side was a bit of a flop for me, this actually makes me want to read more Kasie West books and I will pick up another since I own four and they are pretty quick reads. Candy coated and very easy to digest with the same amount of comfort that the aforementioned late 90’s early 00’s teen dramas would give.

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