Wotakoi : Love Is Hard For An Otaku Vol. 1 by Fujita

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Wotakoi : Love Is Hard For An Otaku Vol. 1 by Fujita

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Narumi has managed to keep her otaku status secret at work until she is almost outed by her childhood friend, Hirotaka. She has found that whenever anyone finds out she’s an otaku, essentially what we’d consider a fangirl, they tend to shy away from her. Being an otaku has cost her most of her romantic relationships which is why when Hirotaka suggests that they date since they’re both otakus, Narumi accepts.

Wotakoi is a slice of life manga centered around an older set of adults, mid 20’s, and their relationships with each other and their friend group. It’s really cute and I laughed out loud a number of times reading it.

Even if you aren’t that knowledgeable of the Japanese culture, many of the themes in the manga will pass that cultural divide. Narumi is a fan of manga, anime and video games while Hirotaka is more of an avid gamer. Both effectively are nerds, so if you’ve ever geeked out over a movie, tv show or video game. You’ll understand where they’re coming from.

All nerdiness aside, it’s also a playful look at a developing relationship. It does seem at first the relationship is one of convenience for Narumi, but you see that she starts to warm up to Hirotaka through the first two volumes of the manga. I really like the way they interact, it’s such a sweet and fairly healthy relationship.

It was really cute and I’m glad I picked up the first few volumes in the series.

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