Witch’s Jewel by Kater Cheek

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Witch’s Jewel by Kater Cheek

Rating : ★ ★ ★

I want to thank Kater Cheek for reaching out and offering a copy of Witch’s Jewel in exchange for an honest review. I did pick this particular up when it was free on Amazon, but will note that I was approached by the author beforehand.

Witch’s Jewel is about Kit Melbourne who recently inherited a bindi from her uncle. There are whispers in the magical community that the jewel has powers of it’s own and it’s clear that someone is looking to get their hands on it even over Kit’s dead body. Can she solve the mystery of the jewel before she ends up in the morgue? Something tells me Kit’s life will never be the same.

This is a case of a good book finding the wrong reader. The writing style was very easy to follow and to the point, the pacing was consistent while I did feel the rising and falling action could have been a little tighter, but seeing how it was more of a mystery than an action packed story (that I had expected) it was totally fine. 

The plot wavered at times and I did feel there was a bit of character overload. So many new faces were introduced so quickly that it might help if you took notes like I did and even then I had to go back and check a few times just to make sure I got everyone down. Other than that it was entertaining and something about it made me want to find out what was going to happen. 

I wasn’t a big fan of the romantic subplot that included Kit chasing after an unrequited love who had a girlfriend. It’s part of the reason why I could never really root for Kit as a main character since she felt that she was kind of friendzoned in a way. Which is totally fine. Unlikable main characters are a thing, but for me I have to have some emotional investment to move on with the series, which I have decided is just not the right series for me.

Still, if you’re looking for a series with what I can tell is a thoroughly researched magic system and a satisfying mystery. Witch’s Jewel was a very strong introduction to Kit Melbourne’s world with a large cast of characters sure to entertain.

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