To Love Jason Thorn by Ella Maise

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To Love Jason Thorn by Ella Maise

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Imagine Olive’s surprise when she’s at the meeting of a lifetime with a studio looking to option her debut indie published novel and Jason Thorn walks through the door. He isn’t just the hottest movie star, but her brother’s best friend who she has been pining after for over 10 years. He’s also the first boy she loved and the first boy to break her heart.

Jason needs some good PR after the paparazzi caught him with his co-star and it’s clear to anyone with eyes that the chemistry between him and Olive, who until now he has thought of as his best friend’s little sister, should fake a marriage in hopes to get him out of his current PR nightmare. The closer they get the more he realize that he’s always been hers and he wants her for good.

So, we’re looking at a “brother’s best friend” and a “marriage of convenience plot line.”. Add to that the movie star aspect and bookish author living her best life and you have To Love Jason Thorn. The whole indie author getting plucked from obscurity to have a studio want to option her book is every author’s dream for sure and it was really fun to live in that world for a little while.

Olive was very relatable and I think she was a perfect mix of being hopelessly in love with Jason but with her feet firmly on the ground. She was constantly struggling between letting herself hope that he could return her feelings and then accepting that he might not.

Jason being the playboy was still very respectful of Olive and didn’t really flaunt his experience or ogle women when he was around her. I thought that was a great touch, she didn’t have to really compete with anyone once they were starting whatever they had. Even with the PR issue, he seemed to start changing his ways after he hung out with her a few times.

This was another title that I read for trope research and I really enjoyed it. I did find that the last 10% or less of the story was a little contrived. Things wrapped up quickly and I really thought that the author was going to go another direction with the story to finish it off. Otherwise it was really good.

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