Road to Winter by Lily Archer

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Road to Winter by Lily Archer

Rating : ★ ★ ★ ★

The Fae’s Captive series is about a college student named Taylor who gets drugged and wakes up in the faerie realm of Arin. She’s held captive in the Summer Court’s prison thought to be a changling and the slave of a High Fae until she meets Leander who identifies her as his mate. Leander is the King of the Winter Court and there was a curse on their fae so that they would not experience the mate bond so him finding his mate is pretty special.

The serial continues on from the first part and it has all the playful aspects and all the drama and action as well. The further I go in this series the more I like it. They’re really fun reads.

Leander is kind of an alpha, but he is very aware of consent, which I thought was great in this series. I’ve read some alpha stories where they’re like “I know you want me.” And the girl kinda … gives in and that might be a little questionable or problematic, but in this series Taylor gives him a clear “No, I’m not ready.” and he backs off. There’s still playful banter and flirting, but the line is drawn. He doesn’t go forward with anything until she’s comfortable. It was really refreshing to see it taken to that level.

“Blood Run,” Gareth offers. “The only town in the Red Plains. Full of schemers, travelers, and outlaws.”
“So it’s Mos Eisley from Star Wars.” I smile at my faint geek knowledge, well aware that no one else will get my reference to the spaceport where Luke and Obiwan meet Han Solo for the first time.

I really liked all of the pop culture references in kind of that culture shock way. She’s still a human woman from our time, she’s going to say quippy things and talk about things she loves. She made Star Wars reference and I was like “This is me.” I like that she continues being herself and doesn’t immediately turn off that side of her because she’s in a weird place.

Kinda wish the series was in a bind-up or available in paperback. I’d really like a hard copy to have on my shelves.

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