Wrong Bed, Right Man by Rebecca Brooks

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Wrong Bed, Right Man by Rebecca Brooks

Release Date : February 17, 2020
Rating : ★ ★

Thanks to NetGalley and to Entangled Publishing LLC for sending me an e-galley of this book in exchange for an honest review!

Owen just about hit the jackpot when he found a craigslist ad selling beautiful wood furniture for cheap, it means a big profit after cleaning up and selling the furniture at his woodworking shop. He’s given the key to the apartment and is told to take what he wants, but gets sidetracked by the craftsmanship on the bed then ends up falling asleep after trying it out.

Rose is sneaking back to the once shared apartment a couple weeks after she broke off her engagement. A woman can put up with a lot, but when she found her fiance Jason in bed with another woman it was over. She could live with a lot of the furniture she contributed to the apartment, but she had to get her grandmother’s antique bed, even if she had no idea how she was going to fit it into her new smaller apartment.

I found the set up of the story more enjoyable than most of the novella’s I’ve read. After Rose finds Owen in her bed and startles him awake, he breaks the bed. We learn more about Owen, that he owns a small woodworking store with his sick father and Rose’s ex fiance is the head of an IKEA inspired furniture company called CUBE. Rose also just so happens to be on the advertising department and she’s working on the ads meant to crush their small business competition.

The flirtation and the banter that begins is a little lackluster, but I felt that it was possibly due to the fact that Rose was more of a good girl and we later learn that Owen hasn’t had too many dates after taking the lead at his family business.

As far as chemistry goes I could feel it, even if the interaction at times felt a little stunted, when they finally started to get closer you could tell these two characters really cared about each other.

That said the final conflict of the book was a bit meh. I still enjoyed reading it and I felt that the issues that they had were easily solved, it didn’t feel like one character had to bend over backwards to make the other happy. I’ve found that some romance novel resolutions end up feeling a bit convoluted, but this fit the story and the characters perfectly.

It’s a quick and steamy read, not overly graphic. A nice middle ground.

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