Crown of Frost by Isabella August – ARC

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Crown of Frost by Isabella August – ARC

Rating : ★ ★ ★

Thanks to BookSirens and Isabella August for sending me an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review!

First off, whenever I talk about myself I’m going to start off the comment with “As a Taurus witch,”. Honestly, that line sold the book for me. I’m a Taurus who many moons ago used to be obsessed with witchy shows, books, everything.

Elaine has been losing sleep since she fled Arcadia, a faerie realm where she was held prisoner. The fragmented memories of her stay there haunt her dreams, but in between the fear was a glimmer of hope, a warmth. That man with dark hair and icy blue eyes, the thought of him, slipping like sand through her finger tips as she wakes.

“You’ll forget me,” a soft voice promised.
“I won’t forget you,” she whispered. “How could I?”
“You will,” he assured her.”

When we meet Elaine she’s working at a flower shop which seems to be the best place for a Taurus witch to be. The magic system in this story is based on astrological signs, which is a pretty amazing idea. Taurus magic is rooted in nature, Elaine has more than a green thumb, the plants she grows are much stronger than usual and we get to see her repairing things with her magic using seeds as a catalyst for growth and change.

After kind of a disastrous night where she broke up with her boyfriend, Elaine is confronted in front of her flower shop. She’s told that Lord Blackfrost owes her a debt. Magic swirls around them and a figure comes to her protection, a man with the same dark hair and icy blue eyes, Liam.

The first third of the book is absolutely amazing, I was hooked beyond anything. Liam gave me Cruel Prince vibes. The world that was being developed was rich and engaging, I had to know more. Then something changed.

From the third of the book, right around the twist, which I faintly remember being disclosed at some point in the beginning of the story, the tone changes drastically. There’s a call to action and suddenly we’re in a rescue situation, new characters are introduced and Elaine bounces from place to place like we’re checking off the places and people that were mentioned earlier in the book.

I would have personally loved to see more of the banter between Elaine and Liam, have that developed more into a regular urban fantasy style instead of putting us on a quest. It just felt a little erratic.

Still, the premise of the series is very interesting. The astrological sign magical system is something I would like to learn a lot more about and see in action. Oh and Liam, he was amazing. I really enjoyed his character a lot.

All in all the story was well written, engaging and pretty fun. I just wish it had gone a different direction.

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