Spark of the Resistance by Justina Ireland

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Spark of the Resistance by Justina Ireland

Rating : ★ ★ ★ ★

This is a short adventure that takes place between The Last Jedi and Rise of the Skywalker.

On the way back to General Organa, Rey, Poe and Rose receive a distress signal on the resistance’s secret channel and they jump into action.

Fighting through a fleet of First Order ships, they land on the planet Minfar to find the source of the distress call comes from a peaceful race called the Zixon. Turns out the First Order is on Minfar looking for a secret weapon that could change the course of the resistance forever.

It’s short but I really enjoyed the story. I liked the banter between Rey and Poe plus I liked that Rose was included in the adventure and was pretty much treated like part of the team.

This is kind of what I wanted from Resistance Reborn, but I understand why they couldn’t’ really focus on Rey so much because of the upcoming film. I do hope we get more adventures with the main trio and Rose in the future.

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